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One day I happened to see a documentary on cannabis and I found it so hard to believe a single plant could do so much! It could provide food, shelter, medicine and clothing. It got me wondering as to why is it banned all over the world. Surely something this amazing could not be this harmful. I started to do some research on my own and found out that the ban on cannabis had deep history with the cotton industry and later the pharmaceutical industry. You see cotton growers in the United States were afraid that people would choose hemp over cotton and lobbied to make sure that didn’t happen. And later with the advent of modern science and the knowledge of CBD the pharmaceutical companies made sure of that. But cannabis culture survived. And the knowledge once common was not forgotten.


I knew that India had a deep rooted history with cannabis. But why couldn’t I see it anywhere? I next tried seeking out companies and organisations that worked with hemp. And after a bit of a struggle I finally found out that India has a budding hemp ecosystem. But why wasn’t any of this on any mainstream social platform? Shouldn’t people know about this? When the subject of legalisation is spoken most people speak of recreational cannabis. But I think we’re focusing on the wrong area. We need to focus on all the good and amazing benefits of cannabis and we need to support all the people who are working towards achieving such sustainable businesses. We focus so much on recreational cannabis we forget that it can do so much more. And we don’t give enough credit to those that are doing something about it.

So I decided to create Cannabis India. A one stop knowledge shop for all things cannabis. A place where you can receive all the knowledge on cannabis and also get to know all the people in the business. No more going crazy over the internet trying to learn about cannabis in India. And more importantly this is my way to show support to all the amazing people out there trying to make the world a more “hemptastic” place! If your’re in the cannabis ecosystem and are doing something amazing I will try my best to ensure that your word is spread to every social media platform! Because the world needs to know!

Roydon Noronha
Roydon Noronha

Hi There! I’m an engineer with a masters degree in engineering who works as a data analyst in Bangalore. I truly believe in saving water and finding more sustainable ways of production, be it anything. And lucky for me, hemp is super sustainable!


Cannabis India is a blog that strives to educate the masses on the benefits of cannabis. A one stop knowledge shop for all things cannabis!

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