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Madhya Pradesh set to become 3rd state to legalize hemp cultivation in India.

Law Minister P.C. Sharma speaking to journalists about legalizing hemp cultivation. Picture from ANI.

After Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, the state of Madhya Pradesh is set to legalize the cultivation of hemp. The matter came to light last year in November and Madhya Pradesh’s Law Minister P.C. Sharma told reporters in Bhopal that Chief Minister Kamal Nath led government will allow the farming of hemp which will only be used for medical purposes. It was also mentioned that the hemp produced will not be used for trading or consumption. In videos that are easily available online many reporters can be heard asking about why has the MP govt. decided to grow “ganja” to which they had to be explained that this is hemp and not ganja. This goes to show that even our journalists who are the one who educate us on whats happening in India themselves have no idea what hemp is.

While the state of MP is doing an amazing job to help their farmers we must ensure that the people are educated on the subject and not confuse hemp with marijuana. This confusion has led to political leaders across parties to state that they can be adverse consequences and more and more people will get addicted which is not true. Because unlike marijuana, hemp does not possess any of the euphoric effects people go after when consuming.

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