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The BIG 3 of Cannabis in India.

Ever wondered who are the biggest players in the Indian cannabis ecosystem? If you go and check online about cannabis in India you would think that there is not much going on at the moment. It’ll seem that there are organisations that are fighting for legalization, there are hemp products being made, and that there are a few states where the cultivation of hemp has been legalized. But overall, cannabis is still illegal in India and there’s nothing more to it. But that’s far from true. Because there are some big players out there who are doing some amazing things and you deserve to know about them. So without further ado, introducing the BIG 3!

The Indian Industrial HEMP Association

The Indian Industrial HEMP Association (IIHA) is a non-profit national organization, registered under the Trust Act 1882, the Copyright Act 1999, with a motive to promote Indian industrial hemp and industrial hemp products globally. Established in 2011, the alliance represents those involved in India’s Industrial Hemp industry, both nationally and globally. IIHA is the only association in the league to advocate Industrial Hemp cultivation; first to cultivate hemp legally after procuring relevant licenses post legalization in Uttarakhand.

IIHA was the 1st organization in India that truly realized the potential of hemp and ever since then it has been working towards the betterment of farmers and hemp based industry. If you want to set up a serious hemp based industry then these are the people you go to.

Bombay Hemp Company Pvt. Ltd.

The Bombay Hemp Company, also popularly known as BOHECO is a privately held company headquartered in Mumbai, India. Formed in February 2012 to research on and promote the industrial hemp super crop in India, was formally registered under The Companies Act (1956) on the 19th of January, 2013.

BOHECO was the 1st cannabis based company in India. Over the years they have expanded and now in 2020 their organization has grown into 4 companies that provide the full range of hemp products from from textiles all the way to medical CBD. The company has paved the way for all start-ups that want to enter the hemp market and are doing amazing things in the hemp ecosystem. Watch out for them!

Great Legalisation Movement India

The Great Legalisation Movement India (GLM India) is a non-profit organisation working to legalise the use of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes in India. It was founded in November 2014 by Viki Vaurora. The social stigma associated with cannabis has long been prevalent among many communities in India. The campaign aims to educate people on the history and uses of cannabis and pave way for its legalisation to initiate a nationwide green industrial setup replacing thousands of ecologically damaging products with sustainable hemp-based alternatives.

What began as an act of standing up towards injustice has today served the needs of thousands of suffering patients, a nation-wide educational drive, multiple organisations conducting research into various products, a growing network of change-makers and also setting up of a knowledge bank for many politicians to make the best use of the plant.

The Great Legalisation Movement India (GLM India) is definitely the most popular of the big 3 and has made a lot of heads turn since its conception. I personally have been following this organisation and can vouch for the amazing thing they have done to educate the masses.

Viki Vaurora explaining the benefits of cannabis at TEDx Bangalore

If you want to educate yourself on hemp and wish to learn more about the hemp ecosystem in India then the BIG 3 is where I strongly suggest you to start.

Now you go have a hemptastic day!

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